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Managing risk and reputation to create enterprise value.


“Reputation is not just fundamental to pricing, it is a major determinant of an organization's value. It must be managed like any other asset, from the perspective of risk and growth. Mission: Intangible tells you how to do that. Not only does it focus on reputation, it also focuses on other intellectual and intangible assets. It is a must read in today's highly competitive world."
Joel Kurtzman
Senior Fellow, Milken Institute and
Senior Fellow, Wharton's SEI Program in Advanced Studies in Management

“Measuring, understanding and managing a company's intangible assets is becoming increasingly important in today's global and digital business environment. However, many board members and C-level executives lack experience in this critical activity. Mission: Intangible provides an invaluable ‘Intangible Asset Management 101’ to a wide audience. The case study approach communicates best practices effectively and conveys lessons learned from pitfalls. Moreover, the central notion that value can be created through active intangible asset management is a key paradigm shift that challenges the conventional ‘in-the-box’ thinking about risk management."
Sharon Feng, Ph.D.
Member, Board of Directors
Koppers Holdings Inc.

“Nir Kossovsky has proven the tangible importance of intangible assets like corporate reputation, quality, and sustainability. Mission: Intangible is a must-read for any business leader who wants to transform intangibles from ‘nice’ to ‘necessary’ aspects of strategic planning and risk management.”
Jonathan Salem Baskin
Global marketing strategist, columnist, and
author of “Bright Lights & Dim Bulbs” and “Branding Only Works On Cattle”

"After reading Mission:Intangible, risk managers will have the facts to back up what they have always known intuitively: "Risk Management 101" needs an update. Nir Kossovsky does this well by providing risk managers and their boards with a much-needed framework to identify, manage and mitigate risks which can destroy the core value of a firm."
Tom Skwarek
Managing Director
Swiss Re

"With Mission: Intangible, Nir Kossovsky and Todd Miller stake a compelling case for thought leadership in the crucial and rapidly evolving field of reputation risk management. This book should be required reading for all serious investors and C-suite executives."
Joff Wild
Intellectual Asset Management Magazine

"Kossovsky makes the business case for acting in trustworthy ways, getting out the word about those actions, and ensuring that one has been understood. He also shows some of the concrete steps needed to create, protect and potentially restore a reputation worth communicating to stakeholders and target audiences alike."
Baruch Fischhoff
Howard Heinz University Professor of Social and Decision Sciences and of Engineering and Public Policy
Carnegie Mellon University

"Reputation is a complex and critical facet of risk management. Mission: Intangible gives members of the risk management community a panoply of useful ideas for identifying and reducing threats to corporate reputation and other intangible assets that comprise the majority of corporate value.
Pamela J. Newman, Ph.D.
President and CEO of the Newman Team
Aon Corporation

“In Mission: Intangible Nir Kossovsky has provided us with a handbook for building reputational resilience. By linking in painstaking detail case studies of the management of “intangible assets” and their impact on global investor confidence, he has given risk managers the very keys they need to sell their vital message to the C-suites.”
Dan Reynolds
Senior Editor
Risk and Insurance Magazine

"Nir Kossovsky has done an excellent job of describing and illustrating, with illuminating examples, the costs of ignoring intangible assets. Nir’s book is a call to action which provides a coherent framework for management of intangible assets. Hopefully, his work will put the spotlight on this important topic in C-suites throughout the globe.”
Tim S. Campbell
Professor of Finance and Academic Director, Executive MBA Program
Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California