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McDonald's: Receives a break

C. HUYGENS - Tuesday, December 11, 2012
The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that McDonald's Corp. (MCD) surprised investors by reporting higher November sales. Analysts, according to the Journal, remain cautious about the months ahead. Credit for the gain goes to the Company's Dollar Menu which "helped reverse a downward slide from the month before, when McDonald's posted the first drop in monthly same-store sales in nine years. Same-store sales globally rose 2.4% in November, fueled by a 2.5% rise in U.S. same-store sales. Analysts were expecting sales to be flat around the world."

McDonald's can afford to deliver its Dollar Menu because the company runs one of the best supply chains in the world. As described in Reputation, Stock Price, and You, "[McDonald's] approach to its relationship with suppliers reflects its ethical culture and the innovations Kroc brought to the business." Among the benefits of the Company's strategy are net lower costs--benefits the suppliers grant McDonald's that we now call reputaitonal value.

Turning to the Steel City Re Reputational Value Metrics, the improved returns are obviously welcomed, but are less surprising. For the trailing twelve months, McDonald's has steadily ranked #1 among the 64 companies in the Restaurant and Fast Food Franchisers sector.

Weighing in at more than twice the size of its closest competitor, YUM! Brands, the company has to work much harder to grow. However, its phenomenal operational controls mitigate risks that might cause it to stumble, so when its CRR--a measure of relative reputational ranking-- hugs the #1 spot for a year while its ROE plummets, one can reasonably expect a turnaround. The data forecast a steady state for McDonald's with respect to key reputational metrics, the RVM and the CRR. And so while Yum! enters a turbulent reputational period, expect McDonald's equity investors to relax and return to the fold.

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