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Monthly Briefing 2011-03

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Oscar Wilde famously said, “I can resist everything but temptation.” When it comes to ethical challenges, line executives face that which corporate boards fail to comprehend and conversely, corporate directors face that which leaves stakeholders shaking their heads. Why the intellectual divide? And why is the cost of fostering ethical conformance a liability rather than an asset?

Joining in the conversation are Urmi Ashar, MD, MBA, President & CEO of the Three Rivers Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors; and Michael Greenberg, Ph.D, JD, Director of Director, RAND Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance.

Mary Adams, Chair of Society's Member News Committee, moderates the Q&A. If you are interested in corporate governance, you'll want to listen to this conversation.

Product contents: MP3 audio file (~1 hour) and PDF slides (~5).

Monthly Briefing 2011-03

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