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Monthly Briefing 2012-2

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Sure, They Say They're Socially Responsible: ESG meets CSR"

According to Bloomberg (10 Jan 2012), over the next year, a rise in consumer activism and mobility coupled with global resource depletion will force numerous companies to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) a focal point of their business strategy. According to the 2011 National Association of Corporate Directors Public Company Governance Survey, only 2 percent of respondents said boards' highest priority was CSR. Is this all much ado about nothing, or is a revolution lurking?

Bringing clarity to the issue are investment advisors Rick Frazier from Concinnity Advisors, LP; and Barbara Gray from Brady Capital Research, both experts in the emerging field of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) investing. Jonathan Salem Baskin, global brand strategist, speaker, and author, moderates the Q&A.

If you are an investor interested in a contrarian perspective on ESG, CSR, and the real intangibles that drive corporate value, you'll want to listen to this conversation.

Product contents: MP3 audio file (~1 hour) and PDF slides (~8).

Monthly Briefing 2012-2

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