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Monthly Briefing 2013-01

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Organizational Resilience: Take a licking and keep on ticking

In Resilient Enterprise Paradigm, a white paper the U.S. Department of Commerce commissioned from the Council on Competitiveness, the Council noted that, as the economy becomes more globalized and knowledge-based, and as distant perils have both local and global impact, resilience - the ability to anticipate, prevent, mitigate, and recover quickly from, disruption-is not merely important, rather, it is a business necessity. Yet in a knowledge economy where 70% of the average company comprises intangible assets, guidance for fostering intangible asset resilience is sparse.

Joining our conversation were Dr. Marc H. Siegel, a senior security professional who is Commissioner of the ASIS International Global Standards Initiative and Michael D. Greenberg, a senior research analyst with RAND, Director of RAND’s Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance, and a member of the Society's Reputation Leadership Council.

Jonathan Salem Baskin, global brand strategist, speaker, and author, moderated.

If you want to gain insight into intangible asset resilience, you'll want to listen to this conversation.

Product contents: MP3 audio file (~1 hour) and PDF slides (~8).

Monthly Briefing 2013-01