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Adams, Mary and Oleksak, Michael

Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st-Century Organization is a handbook for every manager struggling to succeed and innovate in today’s knowledge-based economy. It helps businesspeople build smarter, more successful companies by maximizing the knowledge intangibles that are already inside their organizations. (2010)
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Ms. Adams chairs the Society's Member News committee.

Kossovsky, Nir

In Mission Intangible: Managing Risk and Reputation to Create Enterprise Value, Nir Kossovsky shares his value-creating strategies for conquering headline risks and helping corporate executives, C-suite leaders and directors protect their most critical business processes (2010).

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Dr Kossovsky is executive secretary of the Society and CEO of Steel City Re.

Ruder, David

This book is an essential tool for understanding the range of IP investment strategies - and how companies unlock value and profit from it. It provides a valuable tutorial for businesspeople, entrepreneurs, analysts, and dealmakers seeking better to understand, with clear examples, the components of different IP categories and their value-creating applications (2008).
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Mr. Ruder chairs the Society's Trademark Asset Management committee.

Low, Jon and Kalafut, Pamela

From leadership to communication, technology to human resources, the authors identify twelve “measures that matter” and convincingly demonstrate the bottom-line implications of investing in each of them. Highlighting the most innovative strategies of organizations around the world, the authors present blueprints for succeeding in the age of intangibles, and propose an ambitious agenda for reforming the ways in which corporate performance is recorded and evaluated (2002).

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Mr. Low chairs the Society's IA Value Signaling committee.

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